Victor Ciumac

Is globalization dead ?

Realistically, I don’t think so. Contrary to what some critics might say, the current global geopolitical recession is a test of resilience and not an ideological paradigm shift. It’s not about political philosophy; it is about the interest understood in terms of necessity and efficiency.

Globalization is an intrinsic force rooted in the need of the international actors striving for a level plain field. Having vastly different trade and environmental regulations is bad for business and might put their economic sectors at a disadvantage. There is still a growing need for cooperation and legal harmonization in order to reach common objectives. It comes from the realization that we are all interconnected, living in a common global ecosystem and interact on the same global markets. We all do share a common environmental space and compete for the same resources. And when it comes to environmental issues, everything becomes more technical and less political. Pollution, climate-change and un-sustainable management of the natural resources are shared environmental problems which affect all of us. It is a matter of our survival as human beings on a limited planet.

Therefore eco-efficiency and sustainable development is of the utmost importance for our common future.
In the field of sustainable development, the European Union has taken the lead for the last 20 years, adopting the most innovative instruments when it comes to the environmental protection. Achieving sustainability outcomes based on common rules and adopted at the European level are essential for operating efficiently in a Single Market.
Despite dark clouds hanging above us, I have the confidence that the European Union will emerge from crisis stronger and more united.

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