Victor Ciumac

By: Victor Ciumac, County Councillor at the Vrancea County Council and the Representative for EU Affairs and Commercial Diplomacy at the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Turkmenistan

As an elected official, I look forward with optimism and confidence at the decision taken by His Excellency, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis, the President of Romania, in order to appoint a new Prime Minister in the person of Mr. Ludovic Orban, the President of the National Liberal Party.

Mr. Orban is a down to earth statesman who has managed to restore the competence and performance in the National Liberal Party. An authentic liberal government will have the opportunity to change Romania for the better and to strengthen the role of the Romanian state in the Extended Black Sea Region. Romania has the vocation and the potential to become a strong regional player in the global trade and a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Therefore, in the following lines I want to express my hope and optimism for the development of a strategic Romanian project, the Caspian Sea-Black Sea International Transport Corridor ( ITC-CSBS). Given the fact that the National Liberal Party will propose the candidate for the European Commissioner’s office for Mobility and Transport, and will also designate competent state advisors to the Victoria Palace, I hope that this project of strategic importance for Romania will be developed under optimal conditions.

The Caspian Sea-Black Sea International Transport Corridor ( ITC-CSBS) is a strategic project launched by Romania and Turkmenistan with the participation of Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, following the quadrilateral meeting in Ashgabat (October 24-25, 2018) and Bucharest (March 4, 2019) aimed at the creation of an inter-modal, maritime / fluvial and road / rail transport route between Central and Northern Europe and the South Caucasus and Central Asia, with the prospect of connecting to the Asia-Pacific region.

The project is based on the geographical contiguity of the four countries, as well as the facilities offered by the ports of Constanta, Batumi, Poti, Baku and Turkmenbaşi and the direct connection between the port of Constanta and the Danube river (through the Danube-Black Sea channel) and, subsequently, of the inland waterways on the European continent, with access to Central and Northern Europe.
Through this project, the Romanian companies will gain a competitive advantage based on reduced transport costs and limited delivery time of the commodities to destination.

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